Sunday, December 23, 2007

My best belg friend

Out of the blue an old friend resurfaced. We happened to share the same birtdate. As such I used to send him a birthday greetings but unfortunately we did not keep in touch for a long while until his birthday this year.
The last email I had from him, he was telling me that he was very happy and very much in love.So I thought he finally settled down, having kids and living happily ever after.
This year I suddenly remembered him and decided to send him a birthday wish.
To my surprised a very fast reply came telling me that, it was the best news he had ever received in the whole year.
Anyway ... we got to talk again after such a long time and it really does bring back a lot of old and fond memories. That was the 'Summer of 2000'.

Love is the most mysterious thing that happen in our lives. Sometimes you keep meeting the wrong persons when the right one is right under your nose.
Sometimes you are looking too far, when the love of your life is there right beside you. Sometimes you never notice someone who truly loves you.

Well to my friend I say ... Good Luck ! May the new year brings him joy and a new lady love.

I remain an observer of this thing called "love".
Whatever love is.
Wherever love is.

And as Foreigner sings ...I wanna know what love is ...


Teep-Ex said...

I couldn't agree more.

Qabbani said...

each one see Love as he/she want

some say its need , other say its sex
back to some say its care hope be there for u , understand and worry

each one of us see love from an angle

so hard to find two ppl agree on what LOVE is

have a nice day ,

again any new about the Cats' ;)

o happy Eid :) , sorry for being late ..

Ammoontie said...

Hi Teep,
You should know this thing called 'love' better than me...

Ammoontie said...

hi Qabbani,
I guess there are some lucky ones who find true love in their lives...
My cat has 6 kittens ... and she is finding it hard to cope..!!

Anonymous said...

Love is a feeling
You can not explaine it, you can not illustrate it, you can not touch it or force it.
But it's out there. We just have to open our eyes and ears to see it.
Your Belg Friend !

Ammoontie said...

There you are belg..! yes its true... Love is strange, but you will know it when you found it ( I hope so ! )