Monday, February 13, 2006


Evil ways appear in many forms and shapes.Here we have a pretty face that triggers the male testosterone.
When she first joined us as a colleague, we were quite excited at having another asean face and were looking forward to sharing some traditional thai recipes. Most of us love thai spicy food...
It all started quite nicely in the first couple of days before it turned out to be nightmares for most of us.She was "extremely" sociable. To the extent it became questionable.As the days progressed it came to light her true self.It became the battle of power.A colleague resigned because of her. And another died.
And yours truly have the benefits of having her as a housemate.
The first incident was her playing her musics overly loud.I didnt complain. But she did ask if her music is disturbing us. There are four of us in the apartment.So I said it is up to the discretion of an individual...respecting everyone as an adult to be able to determine the comfort level of everyone, without disturbing one's space and rights.I was still trying to be cordial.
Another housemate found a kitten by the road side and took him home. She asked me if she could keep the kitten in her room.Being a cat lover I said yes...and I ended being the "godmother" to the cat...and too. But I dont mind..since I love cats.
Then the "bathroom" story surfaced.
We have to share the bathroom and she thought the bathroom cleanses itself. And again yours truly have to bear the burden of cleaning the bathroom every weekend...Then she complained that one bathroom is not enough..when she feels the need to use the bathroom.So I took the way out and let her use the bathroom alone and I use the smaller bathroom.She told me to take out my washing machine... and she put in her washing machine in the bathroom.
Next is the dog story...
She went back to her homecountry for a vacation and came back with a dog. Without having the courtesy of asking if she can keep a dog in her room, knowing very well that some people in the apartment are Muslims. I was livid. Then the cold war began.It is a small dog... I dont care what breed it is...still a dog.She now conquers the apartment with her ways and means.A nice clean apartment has now turned to be like a back alley one room flat. Litters... mess...and you dont feel like coming into the apartment.Going home time is a chore for me, since I have to pass by her room. I stopped using the pantry since thats where she washes her plates and stuffs. The other Muslim girl seemed to have zipped her lips and closed both eyes and deafened her ears... since they are buddies.
I have brought this matter up to the bosses's attention but they seemed not to care. They are not sensitive to the needs of the staff. They failed to acknowledge that this is a Muslim country and they know that dog is forbidden in a Muslim household.
How do you talk to an ignorant individual ?
So... I am fighting this battle alone.
Only God knows what is in my heart. I pray He would show the way. I have suffered because of this and everyday is day full of hatred and it is not helping me at all.
She wants to have everything her way..and what she wants she gets. And she must have whatever benefits that someone else has eventhough she is not entitled to it.
Another colleague asked me to be patience and channeled my energy to something more useful. Let go of all the hatred.Well..he can say that..because he is not staying with a "dog" in his apartment. He can do everything and move freely without feeling "waswas"...
My friends...
Please give me some ideas and advice... what to do in this situation.I have a limitation here... I do not wish to move out of the apartment since I cannot afford to stay at another place.This apartment is provided by the employer and I am have been staying there the longest.
I feel like she is an intruder and having no courtesy and respect for the others.
So... where does respect and tolerance begins...?
Do you need to respect someones space...
Do you need to tolerate someones actions...
And where does your "rights" begins... ???

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