Friday, February 24, 2006

A YEAR SINCE .......

Friday February 24th 2006

Another friday weekend here. Been a while since I wrote anything.Last wednesday night it suddenly rained, not a heavy one but still ..rain... which is not normal here. It is almost never rain in Bahrain.It continued to rain till thursday morning.Maybe it is a good omen.

Anyway ... today... it is a year since my dear brother left us so suddenly. I really missed him a lot.Al fatihah.Semuga Allah mencuri rahmat keatas rohnya dan ditempatkan ditempat orang yang beriman.Eversince that fateful day, I have been trying to recall all and everything that I could remember about him. Thats all that I have right now. Memories. Only memories.The last image that I had of him was when he was waving goodbye, when I was leaving the house to come back to Bahrain. He was standing the verandah with my mother that evening.Little that I know that was the last time that I would see his face. If I only knew...!!!

The first memory of him that I remember was when he was helping me to ride my bicycle... He was like a father figure to me eversince my father died when I was 10 yrs old.I owe it to him for all that I have right now.

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