Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Not a good day ...

Wednesday fourth of July 2006.

Not a good day. The work load keep piling up and time is running short.Datelines.
Datelines. My leave has been deferred for another 9 days. If not I would have been home by now. But here I am faced with an expected problem. I say "expected" since we have predicted and see it coming. I am sure the whole 'gang' knew it all along but not breathing a word to the management. They speak and mumble and ramble in their language, and only they understand. I had always made the deduction that if they dont talk in a common language when you are around, that means they do not want you to know what they are talking about. Its not that great a loss, with his salary figure we could hire two other people. No love loss anyway, but it is still not a proper way to resign. Another case of 'ungrateful' after all that the company has given him and his family.
So how we place a trust in people from this particular country ? They claimed to be very sensitive natured people, a small thing would always 'hurt' their feelings, but what about the things that they did that hurt other people. Do they see it that way ? Respect, tolerance, understanding, communication and infact everything in life is a two way street.
I am already up to my nose with this particular people/country. Its a long history, since when I was in Singapore. Its a tarnished reputation, no matter how much I tried to respect them or think and hope that they are different, they always disappoint me in the end.

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