Saturday, July 01, 2006

Saturday ... what a day

Saturday 1st july 2006

Spent the whole of friday trying to clean up the place and still I have 30% more to make it liveable...!!
Cant wait to see the guys who went on strike last thursday afternoon.But I guess conceited people feel no remorse.
Well, they trooped into the department later than me, so I had the pleasure of looking at their faces.
So I asked him.." hows your headache..." he said last thursday that he wanted to take the afternoon off, because he had a severe headache, that he would stay home. I asked if I could call him, should I need his help...and he replied ..."NO"...pointing at his head which is supposed to be aching.
And JAF too said that she will not want to work in the afternoon and that she too will be at home.
Anyway, last thursday evening I noticed that their apartment was in the dark... so couldnt be that they are at home...!!!
So I guess they have made plans. Its ok if you want to have time off to go out on a thursday afternoon if you have finished all your work, but please do not lie to me.
The fact that they have so many outstanding urgent jobs and refused to finish them on time, does not really look good for their work performance.
Thus from now onwards, I shall give them a dateline which they must adhere to.
Sympathies and understanding should not be given freely.
It is not easy to manage people, you try to have compassion, but they misused it.

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