Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tuesday fourth of july

Yesterday, ken was back in the office after his vacation. And it was Jannie's turn to go for her summer. Mine was supposed to be tomorrow but had to rescheduled it due to some work commitment.
Ken brought back a lot of interesting chocolates and sweets. Chocolates with green tea filling, chocolates with cactus filling etc. I was hoping for kim chee.
Last nite had a talk with JAF and have a learnt a lot of things that she claimed that "hurt" their feelings, like they feel that I do not take care of them. A lot of sensitive issues were brought up. But she forgot that for everything there has to be a reaction. She forgot how she and the rest of the gang have isolated themselves and ganged up. if she feels that she is sensitive and feels hurt, so is the others.
There has been too much going ons in the back ground. An older staff that has been putting poison in their minds. People tends to get greedy and start comparing.
So today we had another session with the boss. Looks like they are going to get some overtime pay. We'll see how they perform after this. They were working late this evening to finish the projects. Hope this will be a good start.

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