Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My green wall

July 11th 2006

After days of madness, I finally get my green wall...!
The blue paint was too dark and it makes me feel so down and moody.
Originally I had wanted to have it painted apple green, but they have that colour in stock ( in stock means ... leftover paints...! ) So I settled for blue, its not the correct blue either. So in the end, the painter agreed to help me mix blue and yellow to get a green. It didnt turn out to be apple green, just slightly darker in shade. But that will do, it does help to brighten the room anyway. So the whole of yesterday was spent trying to sort out my junks and it is almost 70% done. An improvement since I am able to see more of the floor space.One step at a time.Packing and unpacking are most tedious and it gives me a headache.
The past couple of days, the weather has been rather unfriendly with strong winds and sandstorms. So everything on the balcony has turn to shades of brown with sand coatings.

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