Thursday, August 10, 2006

I am back .......

August 10th 2006

Last night we met up with a group of Singaporeans at Ponderosa to celebrate the Singapore national Day.We were supposed to turn up in red and white attire, but not everybody were sporting enough.
We had dinner and some slide shows and a huge cake. And of course we sang the Singapore national song with pride.
Met up with a kakak and her pretty daughter.She invited me to her house which happens to be nearby. At least I got an additional Malay friend here.
Been almost a week since I came back from my vacation. The weather is exremely hot and it makes us feel lethargic.The office renovation is going on at full speed and we have to endure the noise and disturbance. As usual the 2 designers are keeping to themselves and extremely quiet. Not even a word of thank you come from them when I gave them a little souvenier.I find that very rude.I think one should say "thank you" when we are being given something, even though you dont like it. It is just being polite.


Alejandro. said...

Hi, thanks for entering my blog.

About that person who did not say "thanks".
I want to say that when you recieve a gift, even when you don't like or, you must say "Thanks" and reallymean it. Not for being polite, but because you recieved a gift. Many people on this world die everyday from hunger, isolation, deceases, etc. You must be thankfull because you are a luck person who is sourrounded by people who loves you, who cares for you. That's a gift, and it's a gift that not everyone has (even though we all should have)

Congratulations to you and your fellows patriots on your country's day.

And we all should be thankful, thankful for everything we have, and for everything we have and we don't see. We should be thankful for every single moment we live, for the "now" is a gift, that's why it's called "present".

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emiel said...


Greetings from Belgium

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