Friday, August 11, 2006

Another weekend

August 11th 2006

Woke up early today, since I need to clean up my balcony before the sun gets too hot. Managed to rearrange the stuff, swept away all the dust and am really hoping that the weather will be changing soon. My only plant is turning yellow. I was thinking of creating a garden on my balcony, getting some potted plants and install the small fountain. But I need to wait till the weather is more agreeable.

I still couldnt decide how best to arrange the furniture in my room.
Should I follow the Fung Shui advice or should I be more practical and make the best use of my limited space ?

I visited the fung Shui shop when I was in KL last week. There are plenty of such shops, so much so that it has become too commercialised. It is really amazing to look at the items and learn a bit of their values. From the stories that I have heard, it has worked well for some people and proven with good results.
So I am raking my brain how best to combine the Fung Shui and make the best of my limited space.
Deep down in my heart, I still harbour a little bit of hope.
A flicker of hope that all things will work out well in certain aspects of my life.


Anonymous said...

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yunee said...

hi....lam kenal, makasih dah mampir k blog ku...btw kok SBnya gak ada sich..emang gak ada ato pas aq buka blog ini lg error yach...well keep in touch yach