Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday the 15th

August 15th 2006

Tuesday... fourth day of this work week. The heat is taking its toll on us, and worst still there is a water shortage in the evenings.
Last night I woke up at 3am ( macam puasa pulak ) and waited for the water to trickle back... until 4.30am. Only then I managed to wash a pile of my dishes and continued the second phase of my laundry. I guess it will be the same tonight.

I got a cute fridge magnet today from a colleague who went to Bulgaria for a vacation. Fridge magnet seems to be the easiest thing to buy for souveniers, I brought some from Malaysia to give the office mates too. Specially now that the airlines are strict on baggage limits ( I mean for economy class lah ).
I had 26 kg when I checked in my bag and the guy at the MAS counter didnt say anything.Wish I had put in another 4kg of dodol.
Everybody said the dodol is nice. Must get my neice to send some to me for the hari raya.
Another colleague who took Gulf Air from Singapore had to dump some of his food stuff in the bin at the airport because of over baggage. Its not worth it to pay for the extra charges.
If we can have our way, we would want to bring all sorts of food stuff that we cant find here. Well the first thing I packed was 3 pieces of 'belacan', followed by sardins,curry powder and nasi impit for raya.


Acob said...

U like eating dodol?

emiel said...

Of course you can adopt the little cat.
You will find the script under " je eigen Maukie de poes-script" or in my post of 26-06-2006.
Good luck!


PS We leave on vacation till August 28