Friday, August 25, 2006

Steamboat dinner

August 25th 2006

My usual friday again...and started off with my household chores,had my breakfast and reading the news. Hopefully today will not be as hot.
Last night we had dinner at a colleague's house. It was a steamboat feast, and I love steamboat because it is a healthy fare, not oily... but basically I love soups. I was actually thinking of making almond jelly with laichee, but couldnt find the laichee at a nearby coldstore. So I had to postphoned it till I get all the ingredients. But lo and behold, after dinner the host took out the desserts... and there was a plate with that white almond jelly and laichee... its like a dream come true... ( just a simple dream though ) There were fresh fruits, ice creams and chocolates too.
Anyway the steamboat was delicious, we had prawns, fish, hotdogs, fishballs, chicken, vegetables and meehoon. Simple meal since everyone was very concerned with their high blood pressure. One of the guy discovered that his bp had shot up to a danger level, thus everybody chipped in with their opinion. No more red meat, less salt, less sugar, stop smoking, exercise, more fish and vege in the diet, and the list is endless.
I guess it all boils down to the stress level that we have here. Sedentary lifestyle and the food that we eat. We should hide the soya sauce/fish sauce bottle from the cook...!!
Looking back, its no wonder that people in the olden days have less sickness. We were not so rich in the kampung, fish and vegetables are what we usually have. Chicken and beef are for special occassion, like khenduri and hari raya. Life was simpler and we dont take so much of canned and preserved food products. In these modern days... there are too many temptations.
How I wish I have the willpower to stick to a healthy diet.


zid said...

me too..try to go back to the basics. Fish and ulam that is.

Ammoontie said...

Hi Zid,
Here we cant find the ulam like back home, so we just have to make do with salads/tomatoes/cucumber and the best is the bitter gourd...!!

ghee said...

hi there!thanx for the visit.

I wonder what meehon is..

but all of them sound so yummy!