Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday 18th

August 18th 2006

I love fridays. But only the fridays where we dont need to work.
We have some fridays where we have to work when there are shows or urgent projects to finish.Saw my Boss car in the parking lot, that means he is in the office.Busy days ahead..thats for sure.

Did all my household chores.It was ( still is ) very hot today and I was sweating like I have done a workout at the gym, just by washing my balcony.Free exercise regime. Hope I can lose some weight...!!

Had a chat with a friend whom I havent seen online for a while. Too busy building his career... ( thats what he claimed..! )Some people say... if u care about shall find the time. Some other people say... if you care about someone
you will always be there, even though in silence, you will be there when needed. Well I guess everybody need their own space. I have some of those friends, whom I know will be there when I need them, and vice versa.

My blog is showing some error and I am not able to post pictures, which frustrates me.Can anybody please help?


Andy said...

Hi ammoontie.... Oh I hope you get some water very soon :-(( Not good having no water. Now you have done all your household chores then you would'nt mind doing mine then lol Only Joking... So good to see that you are doing good ...
Take care ammoontie and don't work too hard ;-))

Ammoontie said...
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