Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Where credits are due .......

August 23rd 2006


Went to a meeting at a Client's office yesterday. The lady director who is also the decision maker was still on vacation, so we have to discuss things with her principals. She is most of the time in her irratible state, but we knew that is her character, so we have accepted that.It so happened the supposedly PR guy handling their account is also on vacation, so we the regular back stage crew had to fill in as usual. She was ranting why this PR guy is not around.For example, during the last project that we did, the PR guy was complimented for a job well done. The boss was saying, the client was so pleased with the project, and was thanking him.

What about us... the people behind the stage... the people in the background, who went through hell just to get the projects approved and ready ? What about those people that had to put in extra hours and worked as hard. We seemed to have been the forgotten people of sort. They only see us when they need something to be designed or drawn and as usual in a hurry at the last minute.We feel tired of this kind of treatment. We want all our efforts to be recognised as a contributor in a team.

The PR guy will not be able to deliver this project alone. It was all the while a combined team effort. Each department with their contributions. It is not fair that the PR guy gets all the credit, as if he is the one who knows and did everything.

Moral of the story - You need to make yourself heard.

- Credits should shared for a team effort.


zid said...

geramkan with this type of ppl and irony is they are everywhere. menyampah

Ammoontie said...

Hi Zid,
These people are everywhere, we have to bear the situation, since we need our jobs too. These are the little frustrations that we have.

scottie said...

hello Ammoontie!
thanks for visiting my blog
my langquise is flemmisch
now i started my first lessens in englisch so sorrry for the mistakes
(i work hard to studdy but it is't easy)

Ammoontie said...

hi scottie,
Thks for your visit. I am sure you will do well in your english, its good to speak various languages. Hope to see you again on this blog. Take care..!!