Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What goes in their heads

August 3oth 2006

I was looking at that wedding of the year pictures and couldnt help wondering... what goes in their heads during those moments.They make not a bad picture and certainly the bride is beautiful. No doubt about that.Did they ever think of those people that they had left behind ? Did it occur in their mind that they have hurt someone's feelings deeply ? Did they feel that they had taken someone's love away ?

And someone had written somewhere that goes like this...
Allah Maha ADIL..what comes around goes around.... tu namanya KARMA...Berbuat baik...InsyaAllah tuhan balas baik...Berbuat jahat...Allah ada "Standard Operating Procedure" (SOP) -Nya sendiri...So benda yang di luar bidang kuasa kita...we might as well just sit tight, and see... Sesungguhnya doa orang yang teraniaya itu dimakbulkan tuhan...

And I like that "Standard Operating Procedure" part. Nowdays we can see all the repayment cash on the spot. That is how Great... God is. We dont have to wait for a long time to see the deeds.

Question is...Can we build our happiness after we ruined someone else's happiness ?Can we live and not think that we have hurt someone... or we have taken someone's partner ? father ? husband ? wife ?Will it last... how long can it survive ?
How could someone, knowing very well that someone is already attached and still tried to snatch him away ?

What goes round comes around.What goes up will come down. That famous saying holds true in so many ways.

Been there...Seeing the love of my life being sucked into her world.Took me years,countless sleepless nights and few kilos to get over it. He told me he felt bad about it, but it was far beyond his control.No..I dont believe a word he said.

I am hoping to see that "Standard Operating Procedure"


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Wendell said...

Hello ammoontie...
Very interesting post!....

I dont believe a word he said.

Indeed... neither do I.. (based on your side of the story.. which to me, seems to be the accurate side)....

As with your examples of universal truths (i.e., "what goes around comes around") knowing when a person is lying always reveals the direction of truth.... This, you seem to understand... And that, is always the direction towards knowing that 'truth' does indeed exist.

It can be said, and understood, that, we shall know them by "their" fruit..... and of course.. they shall know "us" by ours.

The lesson of "what goes around, comes around, is now made manifest, and is indeed, evident.


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