Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dear Pigeons......

November 22nd 2006

The weather has changed for the better, which means it is cooler now even in the afternoon. Walking around at the souq yesterday was pleasant and I even end up buying some hot samosas on the way home.
The evenings are much cooler and if you go out, you may need a shawl. A walk along the beach would be just fantastic at this time of the year.
But all is not well, when I found out that my heater broke down yesterday.
And on top of that I have been battling it with "someone' over the issue of pigeons who had decided to move in and started roosting in the nook at the air condition unit. Seems that the whole family are there, in that cosy fourth floor bird apartment. I could hear their sound, the father, mother and babies. They were so happy flapping their their feathers and I could soon manage to make a feather pillow and have a pillow fight with this 'someone"
What irks me the most is that this "someone" couldnt care less, about the condition of our living space. By unblocking the cover to the A/C opening, would only invite all the birds to start nesting and building up their signature. He was not supposed to use the A/C unit, since it had been closed.But because they needed to use the room, he must turn on the A/C. I had told him that he needed to put a barrier so that the birds wouldnt start nesting. He said..what can I do..we are so busy...wait..wait..wait...
after this show....after that show...this...that...and I am getting impatient.

Firstly the place is very dirty now.
Secondly the smell is overwhelming.
Thirdly it is very unhygienic and unhealthy having the pigeons apartment right next to our rooms.
I guess, just because he doesnt stay there, he doesnt care. Why should he ?
It doesnt affect him the least.

How I wish, we could educate him,that the the pigeon droppings carry bacteria and can cause a few serious illness.

Public health - pigeons carry a range of diseases, some of which may be transmitted to humans if droppings contaminate food stuffs. For this reason their presence cannot be tolerated in and around food premises. They also carry mites which can cause skin disease and dust from their feathers can cause respiratory problems.

Illnesses and problems linked with pigeons include:

Psittacosis - a flu like illness which can cause death in vulnerable people
Meningitis - rare, but one causative agent is commonly found in pigeon nests
Salmonella - diarrhoea, vomiting and in extreme cases septicaemia and possibly death
Skin diseases
Insects - including mites and fleas
Attraction to rats
Aggravated chest problems and asthma
Histoplasmosis - a respiratory illness caused by a fungus that thrives among the droppings
Occupiers of buildings have a duty to minimise the risk to the health and safety of staff and visitors, from the hazards caused by pigeons.

The most effective way of keeping pigeons away from buildings is to deny them access to enter or use the building as a nesting or roosting site.

P.S: Some people believe that birds, if they come to your garden, they are bringing good luck. But I guess its not with pigeons. I dont mind if the birds flew by, stop for a while,take a dip in the bird bath, but please dont leave your signature behind.


Teep-Ex said...

I say you screw him inside out, upside down. Better still, stuff the pigeons in his mouth.

Shionge said...

Since this chap is so unreasonable are you able to seek help from some building authority or agency?

Yes I do know pigeons do pose a threat to the health of pple...let's see now...okay collect those feathers stuff it into his house/room how's that...workable?

Keep us posted ok?

ammoon said...

thanks made my day with your encouraging words. I wanted to serve him the pigeon poops on a platter...!

ammoon said...

Hi Shionge,
This guy has been acting really busy but still all his tasks are slacking.
I shall try to ask him to clean up his mess one more time tomorrow, or I shall bring it up to my boss's attention.

Anneke Smit said...

Happy Valentine from the Netherlands