Sunday, November 26, 2006

Rainy day on a sunday .......

November 26th 2006

I was delighted when it finally rain in Bahrain last week. Everyone was raving about the rain. Everybody welcomed the rain and the cooler weather.
However yesterday, it rained again but this time it was nothing to celebrate about.
Unfortunately it was the day we were hoping it wouldnt rain. But it did and it poured heavily last night.
We were doing the trailer loadings, supposedly 16 trailers on their way to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. And we were caught in the drizzles that continued to be a downpour that flooded the place.
Rain or no rain, the loadings gotta be done and the trailers need to go on their merry way. Hopefully they will be on a safe journey to their destinations. Insyaallah.

This morning I noticed the road infront of my house was crawling with cars, people on their way to work. Oh boy am I lucky I dont need to go into town today..!

Well that reminds me, since we were asking for a cool weather and the exclusive rainfall, God has granted our wishes..!
There you go..your favourite rainfall. God always grant us our wishes one way or another. Sometimes it is a Blessing in disguise.
My balcony was wet, which gives me another task to clean it up.
A colleague's room was dripping, and all the furniture, carpet, tv and radio were wet. The place that we are staying in is an old building and its leaking everywhere. It was okay in the summer months so nobody take any heeds to repair the damage. The plumbing system is atrocious. The building owner couldnt even bother to rectify the problems. She only like to collect the rents. So when the sink wouldnt work, you try to repair it yourself, you cant wait for her, help would not come from her side.
When the A/C doesnt work, you call the service people and pay out of your pocket, or you will be sitting in an oven.
The only consolation that we have here is "convenience", it is close by to the office. We just need to walk a few steps. cant have it all..when you lack the funds..! So we make do with the best of what we have.
May God Bless those that have a good hearts and intentions..!


Stjernesol said...

It's raining here too, but that's no surprise ;)

We've actually had alot of nice weather the last couple of weeks. Warmer than normal, not much rain, no snow and little wind - unbelievable!

But last night it started to poor down and blow, today it's raining and I think it will rain for a while...

Why do we care so much about the weather? I've always been this way, even if I can't change it ;)

*hugs for you, rain or no rain*

ammoon said...

Hi Stjernesol,
we both have a rainy days now...but it is always a warm welcome from the hot summer heat...
much better than the heat...
hope you are having a nice sunday too...take care..cheers..!

Shionge said...

Oh that is so sweet Ammoon....:D There's be sunshine after the rain for sure ya?

ammoon said...

hi Shionge,
The rain has stopped in the late evening, its nice and cool tonite, perfect weather to curl on the couch with a warm cup of tea...!

Shionge said...

Hiya Ammoon hope you are doing fine. It has been a while ya!

ammoontie said...

Hi Shionge,
Yeah its been a while, now that i am back and you are away in Malaysia. Anyway looking forward to reading your updates...