Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Jewellery Arabia 06

November 8th 2006

Its that time of the year again when all the glitter is back.
The biggest jewellery show was opened here yesterday by the Prime Minister.
As usual there are exquiste jewellery and watches that blinded the eyes.
You see diamonds everywhere. You see the rich and all their entourage.
Outside the exhibition hall you can see a luxury car show, with chauffers waiting patiently.
You see beautiful models showing off the jewellery.
And for us mere mortals it is enough just to ogle at the gems in the showcases.
All those hardwork and extra hours during the build up have finally paid off, when you look at the finished products of your stands. And in a couple of days, you will see them being teared down and the hall will be empty and quiet again.

An interesting story that I would like to share here is by observing one of the exhibitor.He had a huge banner almost the height from the ceiling to the floor.He brought in a crane to fix the banner and covering the front part of the biggest exhibitor in the hall. We were just observing the drama, knowing very well that he has to reposition the banner later on. He then proceeded to set up his display counter, pardon me, but they look more like candy showcases...!
On the morning of the show opening,our people were vacuuming the gangway carpet and he expected us to clean up his stand. When our people did not vacuum his stand he shouted with all the foul language that he was brought up with. He then started to throw out all the rubbish and dirts from his stand on to the gangway that we have cleaned. Can you imagine the scenario
of an elderly man in coat and tie, throwing tantrum ! Everybody were looking and enjoying the free show.
The points that certain exhibitors did not want to understand is that whoever the contractor that set up his stand has to clean the stands that they built. We only clean the general area.
But on the other hand if he had been a gentleman and spoke in plain simple english with a little word of "please", we would have vacuumed his stand.

Moral of the story ... a smile...a simple "please"...would probably get you a much needed assistance. And never to look down on anybody just because of their nationalty and skin colour.

The one thing that I have learned from doing this show is to exercise tolerance, keeping my cool, and try to be nice to everyone.


Shionge said...

OMG! Just becoz they are rich to engage people they still need not treat pple as such....GGrrr......

Yes, I can imagine their uneducated.

You be patient my dear, hugs to you.

Ammoontie said...

I meet this kind of 'people' all the time here, so I am used to it.

zid said...

wow..bling bling exhibition wonder long time no see.. :D

ammoontie said...

Zid, too much bling bling... and We can only...oohh..ahhh.... you know...looking at too much beautiful things...that some of us can only dream of...for the moment.

zid said...

Thank God, i dont fancy bling bling.(lega laki cheq).lagi kecik lagi bagus. once he told me that I am looking for an ear ring as a ring :P

ammoontie said...

Zid, you mean..he cannot differentiate between earings and rings ? in that case get him to buy both for you...

zid said...

the other way roundlah.. I prefer the size of the ring to be almost invisible on my finger. As a matter of fact, i found one missing earring at my friend's house and wearing it as a ring. laki wa notice maa.

Munther said...

Wow amoontie,

you are one of the exhibitors ? You must be lovin' it :) It must be heaven for a girl to live between all this bling bling :) and some men too (Just to be politically correct) so what is the most expensive piece ?

ammoontie said...

hi a lot of people like the big and chunky jewellery...

ammoontie said...

hi Munther,
no I am not one of the exhibitor, we are just the stand builder... the backstage crew.
A lot of people today, being the last day of the exhibition.
Why didnt you drop by ? You could pick a couple of those lovely watches to complement your new Mac !