Saturday, November 25, 2006

November 25th 2006

Yesterday was a nice day off. The weather was cool and my friday walk to Jawad was very pleasant. I always enjoy this walk once a week at least, gives me time to relax and enjoy a time alone.

I gave up on the pigeon story, and decided to get the help of one of the guy here to help me clean up a bit and seal the window opening with a piece of slatted wood panel. That should keep the pigeons out.
When I cleaned up the place, I discovered some boxes that have been covered by dust and poops and put them out. But unfortunately the owner of the boxes and water bottle was not happy that I put the stuff out.
She said..." Why did you throw my stuff away..without telling me ? " a very stern voice.
I didnt throw your decorated boxes away, I was just merely putting them outside. How do I clean the filthy store without taking your dirty boxes out ?
Hey woman... you should at least say thank you to us for cleaning the space.
Since you are also using the area and you dont care to keep it clean. I just dont understand how she can stand the smell and the filth in that area. She uses it as a pantry area, with her electric kettle, microwave and rice cooker. Now at least the place looks cleaner. Second phase will be done after I come back from my trip. That will be a permanent seal to the window opening and sterilizing the place. The carpet will have to be replaced.

Its such a pity when people say..."What can I do ?"... when there is a lot of ways and means to do things. It just needs a bit of thoughts and a feeling of responsibility and time management.

Since he was and still is acting to be so busy, I have done his job. He will definitely and conveniently forget that he had to clean up the place.
We shall see what the next act will be like.

Today is ...
Election Day in Bahrain.
Loading day for 6 trailers.

And hopefully the rest of the day will be pleasant as well.
Feel like making "bubur kacang" and serve it with glutinous rice.


Mrs Dynamite aka Lorena +Wonder Women... said...

Hi Amoontie:) how was your weekend ? how was your walk? im going to star going to the sea with sara and fly some kite! we love them ... i always look athe the pictures of your food ! they look YUMY! :) hugs my friend and I wish you a SUPER DUPER WEEK!

Ammoontie said...

hi Lorena,
My weekend was good...thank you dear !
Hope you will find some nice weather to go kite flying on the beach with Sara.
Enjoy your sunday...Hugs..!