Friday, September 15, 2006


September 15th 2006

A nice friday here, the weather is a little cooler.
The harleys are back on the road, could hear them revving it up.
My normal friday chores were done. And cooked some sambal tumis, a whole big kuali of it, and gave some to my colleagues. I overate at lunch...
And spent the whole afternoon watching music videos.
What a day... anyway... found this lovely song by Enya... Amarantine.


ghee said...

thats nice to hear.. :)

I wonder what sambal tumis is..

just curious,coz it sounds yummy!

happy sunday,ammoontie!!


ammoontie said...

Hi Ghee...
sambal tumis is a malaysian dish which is hot and spicy. We use lots of chilli and belacan.But it is yummy.