Sunday, September 03, 2006

Why am I being misunderstood ?

September 3rd 2006

Why am I being misunderstood ?

As what most people would always say, human management is difficult. Not everyone has the X factor, to be able to handle and please everybody at the same time.This morning, when the guys were playing their music loudly in the office, too loud we couldnt even have a discussion, I asked him nicely to please lower down the volume just a litle bit. He got offended and turned off the music totally.
As I have said earlier, I do not mind if they want to listen to some musics while working, but just please have it at a pleasant level. That means whatever musics they are playing, please do not make it too loud.This is still an office and not your private bodouir. One thing is that not everyone would like to listen to your favourite kind of loud musics or your native songs all the time.

So what do we do with such character ?

I didnt ask him to turn off the music... only to lower down the volume a little bit.Everything has a limit and we should respect someone else's space. How could you talk to a client over the phone, or discuss something with another colleague, when the music is blasting out loud ?As much as I tried to tolerate and be nice, I think everyone should know the office etiquette. Even if it is not a big corporation or conglomerate, a person should be able to differentiate between an office and a home. No matter how informal the office is.

I wish they could understand simple plain english and not misinterprete anything and everything.

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