Monday, September 11, 2006

nine eleven

September 11th 2006

My pre nine eleven was a mixed up feelings. I knew it was coming and oh boy... was I right.
I was getting a transfer to another department. It is called Special Projects Department.
In all my 'negativity' it was created because they do not know where to put me...!
I am being exiled to another room far away, a room without a view.
I have to vacate the new office that I have designed. A nice place, overlooking the water feature with seven small fountains ( 7 being my lucky number) a double volume atrium and all its glory.
It is kinda sad leaving my nice place behind.
But with my departure, it certainly will make some people happy. So when they are happy they can work better and produce the most excellent design proposals.

I shall take my new path, take it all in my strides. It wont be easy and the Boss expectation is very high and I couldnt afford to fumble. I have to overcome all glitches along the way.
Deliver I must and maintaining a high standard of output.

It is a very big challenge and it is scary and I couldnt eat and sleep last night.
I am still scared infact.
But with all the promised help and assistance pledged by my close allies, I hope I can overcome all obstacles.

In fact I have been wishing for things like this to happen and it finally did. With it comes a huge responsibilities and that is scary. Infact I should not be scared, but I should actually pray harder so that everything will go smoothly.
It is all for my own good and benefit. So I shall preservere and learn and put in a lot of hard work.
Well..wish me luck in my new venture.


Wendell said...

Well..wish me luck in my new venture

wishing you luck, ammoontie.....

Ammoontie said...

Thank you wendell...
this is like jumping into the deepest part of the pool...thus I need more floats to keep me on the surface...

zid said...

think as yrself got promoted. how's that sound? :D
we never know the 'hikmah' behind all those things that happenned upon us. The beauty of Alhamdullilah will reveal eventually. Bonne chance mon ami!

Ammoontie said...

Yes Zid,
I have been reassigned to doing a different job which will definitely be good for my portfolio. There will be a lot of new things to learn. One thing for sure, I dont have to worry about my previous department anymore. Someone else will have to take care of it and hope she will enjoy it...log stock and barrell...!!