Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Reality Check

September 5th 2006

Reality check.

Yesterday was not really a pleasant day. I have noticed the under current and realised that many poison arrows would be flying from everywhere.Right now I need to rush for the antidotes. But it would be really nice if all the poison arrows could be returned to senders. Like a boomerang, you throw it and it will come back to you.Reality. Reality of it all.

Power: Power changes a person.
Confidence: Confidence changes a person.
Conceit: Think one knows it all.

These days one cannot be only an observer on the side lines. They think you are dumb. You need to make a lot of noise. Doesnt matter if it is viable, noise it must be. At the very least you contribute the noise.
So you must make yourself 'heard'.
So you must make yourself 'visible'If you've got it ... flaunt it ... !

Gone are the days where... 'silence is golden'
Silence means you are not capable.

On a quieter note:
Today you can brag that you have it all.But nobody knows what tomorrow brings.You could have a memory lapse and forget everything, even your own name.


Anonymous said...

There are always many people out there who enjoy being in the limelight.
But I enjoy looking at their performance and just being a quiet observer.

Wendell said...

Words of wisdom, ammoontie!...
Always a pleasure to visit your site and gleen some wisdom! Or, is it inspiration?... smile....

Ammoontie said...

Hi wendell...its both actually...
we all learn from life.