Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday september 8th

September 8th 2006

Another working friday here. It is good to be busy or need to act busy.Or the 'observers' may think that you are notdoing your job.The idea is to act very busy and make a lot of noise. Ruffle a few feathers and stab some peoples back or shoot some poison arrows.Whatever it is, this seems the time to create that ripples, better still create a tsunami.Yesterday and most days of late had not been that pleasant. Some of us had been given the "brushings"
Everyone's stress level are high and we may have to tread very carefully, lest you step on land-mines.The lava is brewing, the volcano may erupt.
This gives me an extra dosage of worries. I am still running for the antidotes.


Munther said...

Hey amoontie..
Reading your posts I can't help but notice how well frustrated you must be at your workplace. Let me tell you this my dear friend, this is how things are in the real world ! You'll need to calm and buckle down and just do your work in a proper way and you'll see within time that you are the one who advances eventually and the ass kissers will be below you in the hierarchy ! ;) Calm down girl and don't think about it much you'll just end either with ulcers or in the mad people house if you continue getting work up coz of those leeches ! :) :P

Ammoontie said...

Thanks Munther for the encouraging words...