Friday, October 13, 2006

Bread pudding

October 13th 2006

This is the third friday for ramadhan. Its quiet in the homefront, apart from doing my usual household chores, I managed to try making my first bread pudding using my newly bought oven. It didnt turn out very well...I think I overcooked it. But it is still edible. So I promised myself that I am going to bake some cookies for Eid.

And to my dismay I found out that I have nothing much to talk to a friend today.
One of those days again I supposed.
Funny though, you feel that you missed a person, but you have nothing to say.
He kept saying that he could read whats in my heart and in my mind but will not disclosed it to me.
Am I that transparent ? Did I let the cat out of the bag again ?
Nah..he was just pulling my leg.


BaTaBeeT said...

nice blog... its ma first visit here

maybe u r not transparent.. however some people can see through
anyways nice pudding... new.. but looks delicious :D

zid said...

biskut raya?? wow someone's in the mood for eid

i have a fren who'd like to think that he can read me.. aaa ahaks

ammoontie said...

hi batabeet,
thanks for your are most welcome here...I am happy when friends drop by...
So its true that some people can see through ? This is scary.
well..the bread pudding was gone in seconds...will try other recipes soon...

ammoontie said...

hi Zid,
Saja je nak seronok sikit... but I will try the simplest cornflakes or choc chips...the "failproof" ones...
Nanti nak buat open house kat sini.. too have a friend who can read you ?

zid said...

repeat: he thinks that he can or he wants to believe that he can read me.. wutever makes him happy ..LoL I am not as transparent as ppl think I am ;). So when ppl tell crap about me based on their 'seeing', i just LMAO.. ala butui sket2 or mostly talak butuii lorr
failproof eh? gud luck.. jgn berangan nooo kang bantat kuih muih..
Silamat Ali Laya.. wa mau layan cilita PRamlee lorr :D
nice thing to spend my weekend's nite

ammoontie said...

hi Zid,
I find it strange when someone says he can read someone's heart...I thought only God has that ability.