Thursday, October 05, 2006

Meeting an old friend

October 5th 2006

My trip to Doha was good and fruitful. Spent the whole morning till 1pm sorting out the work related stuff and in the evening, met up with an old friend. It was so nice seeing her again after more than a year. I last saw her Singapore last july. From the look of it she is doing well in Doha, but she still have that "loneliness" and missing the family bugs. We met for iftar and as usual we can never finish talking and catching up on each other's life.
The iftar buffet was really a great temptation, but how much can one eat after a long day of fasting.Among all those nicely presented food, I still prefer the good old minestrone soup, eaten with some bread and herb butter.

What surprises me most was that the hotel's restaurant in Doha is open during ramadhan...!!!
And anyone can just walk in and eat.

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