Sunday, October 15, 2006

Not a beautiful sunday anymore

October 15th 2006

I used to love sundays, since I was young. On sunday my late father and brother would be home. Mother always cook something special and it was always good when everyone was home.
But now sunday is just another working day. Friday has taken over sunday. Sunday has lost its magical touch.

And this sunday I have been having a severe headache. It started last night and I was feeling really bad. It was a similar feeling that I had sometime back when I was losing someone. Its just another two ships passing by at night, both going in the opposite directions in time for sunrise the next morning.
Knowing that you are going to lose something is not a good feeling. No matter what you do, its gone again. Opportunity only knocks on your door once. And if you dont open that door, it will never come knocking again. It saddened me no end, but I have to accept it. Just another its not meant to be kinda thing.
And yet...why do I feel so sad ? Why do I keep thinking about it ? Why did I let go ?

Try this tea drink with basil seeds. They have a few varieties, green tea with basil seeds and honey with basil seeds. It is cooling and the basil seeds reminded me of 'sirap with selasih' drinks we used to have during ramadhan.


gaby said...

I think it's nice to know when someone is on our blog.
I was reading random blog and I was just passing on yours :P
I don't read them all and I don't write comment all the time.
I really liked your message of today
So that's it, only want to let you know that someone red you.

PS: sorry for my english, french is my first language :P

ammoontie said...

Hi Gaby,
Thanks for dropping by, appreciate those words from you.
Nice to meet you here too.
Wish you a wonderful evening...

zid said...


8 yrs ago, i was no differ than u. I prayed and prayed and prayed for at least 4 yrs.. Then, I decided to let it go and to forget what I've prayed for, maybe my life meant for something else. I will cherish it no matter what, with or without. Life has so many things to offer.
unthinkable, he came as what i've dreamnt in one of my prayers in a stranger's land, to him and to me.
maybe our experiences are not related but I empathy so much of your words as those words was me.
kinda Bridget Jones ala kulit karat.
too much yapping, am sorry for not knowing where to stop

ammoontie said...

hi Zid,
As always, I value your comments. Sometimes people comes into our life for a reason. Or sometimes it was just to teach us a lesson.
And dont worry about the yapping too much...I like it when friends drop by and give their opinions on my posts. I like the interactions.
So please keep on dear.

Mrs Dynamite aka Lorena +Wonder Women... said...

Hi Amoontie :) I know what you meant...Sunday for me was a day with all my family gathering, eating out , going to the movie or do some thing fun ... here ... We eat and watch TV , play with Sara and tadaaaaaaaa! hehehehe hugs ! i hope you are doing good in this Ramadan! hugs sister !