Friday, October 06, 2006

My expired peanut sauce

October 6th 2006

A nice and windy day here,for a change and it is getting cooler. The so called winter is finally on the way.
I had the opportunity to sleep in for a bit, missed my syahur eventhough the alarm clock was set to 3pm.
I just couldnt wake up. Anyway i still managed to continue with my fasting, but the bad news is that I can feel my body is being deprived of the 8 glasses of water. My lips started cracking and an ulcer is bothering me. It is so painful that I find it difficult to eat.
I was searching for dessert recipes to cook for iftar,
but end up not cooking at all. Just managed to prepare some soup, my version of minestrone soup. With whatever is left in my larder. Not bad.
I have always love soups.
I had put in some meat, carrots, potatoes, chickpeas, tomatoes and lots of oregano and pepper.

While cleaning my larder, I found some expired food items... now could I still use them ? They still looks good. No moulds.
It would be such a waste to throw them out.
My eyes are always bigger than my stomach, when buying food items. I thought I would have time to cook this and that, but in the end the packages stood silently in the cupboard.I feel sad if I have to throw them.
Next time I should tell myself and remember not to 'overbuy' only the items that I want to cook at that moment.

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