Saturday, October 07, 2006

Do we forgive and forget ?

October 7th 2006

Do we forgive and forget ?

NO and NO.
I have always tried to reflect on my not being able to forgive and forget that easily.
Someone did say that to forgive is the best way to come to terms with the situation and move on.
Only time may be able to make you remember less or unless otherwise alzheimer would do it perfectly.

How could we forget if we had been hurt badly ?
And sometimes it is traumatizing and may affect someones future.
Worst still it could turn someone to be hostile and be psychologically affected.

Anyway, my point here is when someone shoot out some bad and damaging remarks towards you that may be tarnishing your reputation. How could we simply forgive this ? Let alone forget.

God has given you the creativity and ability to do certain works.
But at the same time God is able to take it all back in a split second.

What if the backpain that you are having gets more severe and you would be paralysed and confined to a wheel chair.

What if you are not able to make use of your hands to hold the mouse to draw again ?

What if....... what if.......
The thing is that nothing lasts forever. You have got to make the best of situation while it lasts.
Today you may be able to brag about your capabilities and talents. In your very own eyes you are talented, and you have your followers who followed you with a blindfold and earplugs, without a question that they look up to you because you were their teacher before. Cant blame them since they are very patriotic and defensive of their countryman.

So we shall see....... this is not the end of the saga yet.
What goes round will come around. Enjoy the view at the top while you are there.
For one day you will come down and all you can do is just looking up but you could not go up again.

Moral of the story is to stay humble and be thankful to whatever God has blessed us with. There is no need to shoot poison arrows to anyone.
For whatever you send, will definitely come back you.

Someone said that God has a SPP, that is Standard Package Procedure.
You would see the results of whatever you do in no time. Be it good or bad.

Being the Holy month of Ramadhan, I asked for your forgiveness and guidance.

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