Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy Birthday to EB.......wherever you are

October 11th 2006

The eleventh of october

Someone is celebrating a birthday today.
Someone who decided to just disappear without a trace...
Let alone a goodbye,
Without a reason.
Without a word.

It was the New Year Eve of 2004.
The last time I heard his voice.
The last message that I had from him.

My phone calls were unanswered.
My messages were not returned.
My emails were not replied.

And I knew he was not dead.

His photos grazed the magazine pages.
His names appear somewhere as the webmaster
His car parked at his office building
His harley vrooming into the desert
And he was not alone.......

Almost 3 years now.
The hurt is less painful
The wound has healed
But the scar still remains.......
Years go by,
Memories stay
As near and dear as yesterday.

Yet the memories are still haunting my mind
The places we used to go
The walks on the beach
Just gazing at the far horizons
Those bright lights at the causeway
Those wonderful moments...

Its like everytime ... everywhere
Theres not a spot when I didnt think of you.......

We had some good years together
And I'd like to remember those
With a little sadness
With a little smile

Like the summer's rain
And pearl of morning dew
Never to be found again
Someone as dear as you

Still missed, still loved, and ever dear.
Memories in my heart today
Mean more than words can ever say.


zid said...

I always cherish ol' memories regardless good or bad especially with the one u have fallen to and to those who rejected me, oh how much I feel like want to kick their a**es.. wachaaa

ammoontie said...

Hi Zid,
Memories are made of these little things in life...

ghee said...

what a nice poem..

hope he gets your msg and hes lucky to have someone like you who remembers his bday.

good luck for your future dear to greet his bday :)