Thursday, December 28, 2006

An Afterthought

December 28th 2006

Has anyone faced any "afterthoughts" situation ?

Overheard this morning ...

"Hi... we are having a gift exchange..."
"Why was I not informed yesterday ? How could I simply get a this moment ?
"No problem...just get anything...anything at all"
"You should have informed me least yesterday"
"Sorry, I forgot to inform you.."
"Well...just count me out...theres no way I can get a gift at this hour...I am no Doraemon"

Moral of the story...
Judging from the few gifts that was placed on the table, they had been making arrangements much earlier.
Either it was not well received...or they need more gift items.
Perhaps they suddenly felt...OOPPSSS..I left some people out..!
It could be a blunder on the organiser's side or they had done it on purpose.

It is not proper to invite someone at the last minute. That person may feel that he/she is the second choice or as a replacement.
Unless it is an open invitation...where a memo should have been emailed out or paste it on the notice board.

And in that case the organiser can safely say..."I have put a memo on the notice board, you may have missed it"

Anyway... without any prejudice or malice... to each her own.
Have a wonderful weekend.


Shionge said...

Hey sorry to hear this...yes I know how you feel. I always prepared extra gifts just in case I have last minute guest so like wise your colleague should have organise it & inform all well in advance.

Don't worry so much Ammoontie, they are not worth it I suppose, save your money and pamper yourself better lah :D

Have a happy weekend!

Ammoontie said...

Hi Shionge,
Good morning my dear...
Its a nice day today...I've forgotten about yesterday..!