Friday, December 15, 2006

Good morning Sunshine

December 15th 2006

A beautiful friday I should say since there was a sun shining in the early morning. I was hopeful that it would be a good day without rain. It is my friday ritual as usual, laundry, cleaning the balcony after the recent rain messed it up and cooking a nice lunch. We had a SP fish curry and I ate so much that I ended up with a stomach ache.
Took my "Friday walk" and it was really pleasant since the weather was nice and cool. During these walks, I always let my thoughts wondering about those that are dear and close to my hearts, those that are far and near, alive or have gone from my live physically or literally.
A dear friend came over to visit her hubby and we had some catching up done and one of the nights we had dinner at our Boss house. He cooked laksa lemak and prawn noodles, wantan and curry chicken. Fried banana with sorbet for dessert and green tea with basil drinks. It was a wonderful dinner considering the fact we missed Singapore food.


Shionge said...

Hey that's really nice to have a bit of home-cooked food huh? Glad to read that you had a good time.

Have a great weekend ok?

Ammoontie said...

Hi Shionge,
Oh yes... we missed laksa, although the ingredients were not complete...but that would do...!