Friday, December 29, 2006

December 29th 2006

December 29th 2006

The friday started off very nicely. Bright sunny morning and windy. We had a nice lunch courtesy of the cook who decided to cook a special lunch, some kind of vegetable pulao and egg curry.
Nice change from the daily chicken curry.
My weekly walk was nice too, since the weather was wonderful, but I felt that the wind was a bit strong and it helped to push me to walk faster.
After 4pm the sky started to turn grey and its getting dark very fast.
I get a good view of the world outside from my window. This is where my thoughts often wanders to the past and to the future. What it had been and what it could be.
I enjoy these moments alone looking at the world passing by.
It must have been "love"... but its over now !


dangkin said...

wish you'll find your soulmate if not this year, maybe next year..or the next next year.. don't lose hope..everything happens for a reason..

'wish you a blessed, fruitful & blissful new year!


Ammoontie said...

hi dangkin,
thank you for your kind wishes. I hope so..!
Happy new year to you...

Dalicia said...

ohhhh no soul mate for me :P

happy haji to you :) and also wish you a happy new year ahead!!

ammoontie said...

Hi Dalicia,
Selamat hari raya Aidil Adha to you too...
and Have a Prosperous New Year 2007.

Shionge said...

I've enjoyed 'my time alone' too and don't sink into the past too much my dear friend.

You're getting stronger by the day and hey, happy blessed year ahead!

Ammoontie said...

Hi Shionge,
Thank you for your kind words...
Next year will be a better year for us all...God willing. The past will be treasured and not forgotten. I will remember every bit but not wallow in it.