Thursday, December 21, 2006

What a week

December 21st 2006

What a week it has been. What with all the rains during the long weekend. Water dripping from the ceiling and water seeping in from the floor.
The old buildings here are not equipped for rainy days. There is no drainage and the plumbing systems is terrible. They are either non existent or choked. The landlords dont care. They only know how to collect the rents.
A friend who came over for a visit has gone home to Singapore. Just a coincidence that the very evening she were to fly home, there was a road block for the funeral of Shaik Abdulamir AlJamri. So we were diverted,traffic was slowed down and she was so stressed, if she would missed her flight. Judging from the turn outs, he must have been a very respected and highly regarded person. May he rest in peace and Allah Bless his soul. Amen.
The cold weather too is creating a lot of sickness around. Colleagues and friends are coming up with flu. And I need to go and buy that heater before I freeze.


Cece said...

Yes, I don't remember having a lot of rain and cold in Bahrain like this. But, I guess I'm the only who is loving it...

ammoontie said...

Hi cece,
I like the rain, but this year it seems that we have more than we bargain for. All the heaters are sold out !!