Sunday, December 17, 2006


December 17th 2006

It rained almost the whole day today. Made my weekly sambal tumis, I only cook this particular dish once a week and that has to be on an off day.
I use this paste as a chilli base and I would need to add just the seafood, meat, egg or just anything to the chilli.
Met up with My Singaporean lady friends for tea yesterday evening. The tea, hot chocolate, coffee and cakes were perfect compliment to the rainy day outside. Conversations flo freely with ease since we discovered a lot of common grounds to chat about.
We talked about a lot on families and about life itself.We didnt realise it was almost 2 hrs.The rain never stop, the coffee shop was leaking and wet and dripping all over.

So how do you tell a friend or give her a hint that her husband is straying ?
How do you define "straying"
How much should you get involve in someone else's family ?
Is it the right thing to do ?
Where is the cross line ?
Should you rock the boat ?
Should you pretend that you do not know, do not hear, do not see ?
Should you let the husband get away with cheating the wife ?
How do you define "cheating"
What is the tolerance level ?

In the end I chose to zip it and pray that he would realise his mistakes and not continue with all the negative activities.
What you dont know, doesnt hurt. But once you knew that someone cheated on you, the hurt would bleed your soul. You can never replace a lost trust.


Teep-Ex said...

Yeah,it's certainly a difficult situation u're in. To me it depends on how close u r to that person. Otherwise, until u have enuf evidence, perhaps it's best if we 'jaga tepi kain sendiri' for now. What does yor heart tell ya?

ammoontie said...

My heart says.."kesian kat wife dia yg trust husband dia..."

zid said...

happened to me once. since my bestfren's fiancee-back-then is also my fren, i confronted him instead of her.
I told him if he wanted to end-up the relationship with my bestfren, i can do it for him. I am pretty good in making a guy looks very bad and worth to walk away. ;-p

Anonymous said...

Hi Zid,
Some of the guys just take things very lightly, they failed to see t what they are doing is hurting their other half.