Saturday, December 23, 2006

An old favourite

I used to like this song, But it was sung by another singer Dian Piashesha.
It is about one who is still holding on to her love. She would give her all and everything just to be with him.

Looking back ... was it love ?
Or just being stupid ?

" LIFE is like riding a bicycle,
You dont fall of
Unless you want to stop peddling "

Thus "LIFE" is all about CHOICE. The choice that we make and be prepared to live with it.As long as you put your head on your shoulder, you will be alright.


Anonymous said...

It is a very old song .... sob..sob ..kind.

sis said...

Teringat masa dolu dolu...

ghee said...

its a nice song,Ammoontie.I like the melody.

btw,what`s sayang means?In tagalog,it means "too bad" .. :)


CoralPoetry said...


Thank you for calling at my blog with your kind wishes. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2007.


GraY FoX said...

hey Amoontie
nice oldie :P
giving up the ppl we love must be a choice in order to make our souls calmer :)
merry xmas

ammoontie said...

Hi Ghee,
"Sayang" has different meanings in terms of contact. basically it is a term of endearment. and it could also mean "too bad" like in tagalog.

ammoontie said...

Hi Coralpoetry,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too...Have a nice holiday!

ammoontie said...

hi GrayFox,
Life is such...! sometimes it sucks big time....but times heal many things...Only time...!

eastcoastlife said...

Merry Christmas!!!!!

ammoontie said...

Hi eastcoastlife,
Merry Christmas to you and family...have a nice holiday...