Sunday, December 17, 2006

Thoughts 1

Looking out of my window
I see the grey skies
the sandy field that turned to a lake
And the quiet evening
and lonely moments

my thoughts fly... to a distant land
my mind wonder
where could you be ?
did u ever pass by and look at the same lake ?
did u ever remember me ?

its gloomy
its cold
its sad

Oh well...its another year again
why cant I just move on ?
why cant I just forget ?

oh no...
while getting lost
passing by those familiar places
I remember us
when we used to drive around

hey girl...
wake up
hes gone
he doesnt even care
he doesnt even remember

dec 17th 2006

the puddle that turned to a lake .......


Shionge said...

Such thoughts haunt me all the time but I have to 'turn-around' quickly and not let it bother me.

Yes, he's gone, he doesn't remember, he doesn't care so can you, move on and someone else is worth it more than him.

Be positive always!

MSB said...

i wonder if guys ever go through similar thoughts/patterns?! :/

ammoontie said...

hi Shionge,
He is gone, gone...
Just that a rainy day makes me feel lonely and think about all sort of things.
Like an old I that easy to forget....ahhhhhhhhh....
just being silly for a while...!!

ammoontie said...

Hi msb,
There are some insensitive guys out there...who has short term memory !

zid said...

So what if we layan blues sometimes!?

i cried sometimes and felt lonely. does those feelings make me a depression person?

My non-medical-approved-point-of-view; better let it out than bury down in yr body

zid said...

i mean in yr heart!! :)