Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Year end mood .......

December 27th 2006

In four days we would be saying goodbye to 2006.I have mixed feelings about the year that has been.But suffice to say that I am glad its going leave us soon.

It has been lazy days eversince the Christmas holiday, no one is in working mood. Everyone is talking about the next 9 days long weekend given to the public sector. We in the private sectors are not so lucky.
It doesnt make much difference to us, since we have to work throughout the holidays.

So what am I thinking now ?
I have been thinking about all the nice dishes to cook for Eid celebration, cookies, cakes and desserts. The electric oven that I bought has been sitting like a white elephant. I used it a couple of times, to bake a cake and bread pudding.
Been researching recipes to try and those mouth watering dishes are really tempting but "laziness" seemed to overrides everything else. I ended up "tapau-ing" food from the office kitchen.

The only nice things that happened was the post Chrismas sales. I did treat myself to a few items at bargain prices. When I couldnt decide on the colour, I took one of each..!
Crazy but true.

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