Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saturday 16th

December 16 2006

Woke up to a wet morning with the day looking so gloomy.Perfect weekend to stay in with a good book.
We went out to dinner last night since someone wanted to have japanese food. Had teppanyaki, miso soup and sushi. The seafood and vege were ok but the chicken was too saltish to our liking. So all the chicken were left out on our plates.Not a surprise since the teppanyaki chef was not japanese...! I guess they are so used to cooking with lots of soya sauce, fish sauce, shrimp paste, salt in all their dishes.
After dinner we went to have coffee at another place. We were sitting outdoor but unfortunately there was a group of bikers and cars been making their rounds every 5 minutes or so making a hell lot of noise perhaps to show off. I guess some people enjoy this kind of cheap thrills. We found it irritating.

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