Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hari Raya Aidil Adha 1427

December 30th 2006

Its Hari Raya Aidil Adha today. The spirit, the mood, the atmosphere, the ambience are not there, I feel it is just like any other day.I missed hearing the takbir, and I missed the Raya goodies and most of all I missed celebrating it with my family.

This morning I woke up to not a pleasant news about Saddam's execution. Life for a life ?
Then "life" seems so cheap? Someone can decide when and how someone should die.Clearly it was done on purpose.It would change how we would remember Eid from on. It would go down in history and change a lot of perspectives. Lets not forget who is "winning" in this war. The big power has managed and succeeded in creating civil war among the Muslims. We are Muslims and we pray to the same GOD. It is sad to see some power trying to divide and disunite us.

So, it has been a quiet day, reflecting on the year that was and wondering what the new year would bring.


eastcoastlife said...

Hi Brother!
Let's have World Peace! You're a Muslim, I'm a Christian but we are all human beings. Skin colour nor religion should not divide us. I love my Muslim friends. Here in Singapore, I live & work next to Muslims.

Have a Happy New Year!!!

ammoontie said...

Hi eastcoastlife,
Thats the spirit... we are all human beings.Lets hope the situation remains peaceful in our home country.

Happy New Year to you and family..!

nahuris said...

Happy new year.....................and hope u had a splendid Eid.................................take care